Boost your sales
with the assistance
of the AI-powered fashion e-commerce extension
Provide Personalized Clothing Recommendations, Virtual Try-On and Beyond! Seamlessly Integrate AI Stylist to increase items discoverability!
Get 1 solution for all business objectives
Attain your business targets
“Transforming fashion industry and embracing sustainability for a brighter tomorrow”
Complete Fashion Plugin
Get All-in-One solution for e-commerce business with 'Virtual Try-On' and 'You May Also Like' for the ultimate customer experience.
Reduced Customer Churn
Increase customers' retention with instant Personal Stylist Recommendations and Virtual Try-On.
Analytics Dashboards
Check what was consumed with the help of an AI tool, count ROI effortlessly.
Enhanced items discoberability
Improve product search and items discoverability
Unlock the benefits for
your cliens
“Personalized shopping that resonates with client's values”
Virtual Try-Ons
Utilize cutting-edge AR and AI to provide try-and-buy functionality and reduce uncertainties, minimizing returns.
Chatbot and Virtual Assistant
Dress2Save assists with product selection continually updated by 15 stylists based on latest trends and cultural preferences.
Intelligent Search
Enhance UX and conversion with predictive search bar and advanced filters for precise, personalized product discovery.
Easy integration
Dress2save seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, and custom e-shops
How Dress2Save works
Сustomer explores the captivating product page
Meet Jane, a career-driven individual who explores an e-commerce platform with the goal of discovering a stylish clothing option.
She desires a shopping experience that saves time and leaves her satisfied.
Customer makes occasion-appropriate fashion selections.
The e-shop's chatbot engages Jane in a personalized quiz, designed to gain valuable insights into her current fashion requirements and the particular occasion or event – be it work, evening affairs, dates, birthdays, or casual get-togethers with friends.
Dress2Save offers AI-based stylist support

Dress2Save ensures Jane enjoys her purchases, avoids 'Nothing to wear' moments, and supports environmental sustainability. Thus we propose uploading Jane's existing wardrobe items and her photo to provide her personalized fashion advice.
Dress2Save recommends Jane enhance her appearance by pairing a simple top and high-waisted jeans from her existing wardrobe with stylish sandals and a spacious shopper bag from e-shop.
The AI stylist advises adding extra items from e-commerce platform to complete her look
Guided smoothly through checkout by Dress2Save Jane completes the purchase in the 11 minute of a session. That’s her dream!
Effortless checkout turns first-time shoppers into loyal customer
You can use the dashboards and analytic for evaluating customer experience performance
The e-shop leverages customer behavior analysis
Choose the best option
to empower Customer Retention and Increase Cart value
Be our early adopter. The solution is free to try
integrations with Shopify, etc.
3% of cart revenue*
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Chatbot “Personal style assistant”
  • User Search Optimization
  • Visual search
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Integration with Custom Ecommerce platform
5% of cart revenue* +
  • Medium +
  • Fashion Trends Prediction
  • Automated Pricing Optimization
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
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* Cart revenue is computed by summing up the total cost of items added with the assistance of the dress2save.
$10000 installation cost is applied when using the enterprise package or custom integration is required
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