When we think of spring and summertime, we think of pastel colors, blooming florals, and, above all else, a vibrant revival from the long, cold months past. For the Spring/Summer 2023 season, we have been seeing a notable portrayal of welcoming the new but mourning the old. Black, butter yellow, Barbie pink, and sizzling red are the four unmistakable fashion color trends of 2023 for the summer season.

Although typically worn more in the wintery months, black has surprisingly been one of the most distinguished colors for Spring/Summer 2023 collections. Stella McCartney focused on cut-outs and cropped business attire, while Dior demonstrated an appreciation for black lace and sheer fabrics. But while there were several designers who chose to grieve winter, others embraced the changing seasons. Bottega Veneta, Loewe, and Max Mara all brought the sunshine to the runway with their light yellow designs and Valentino, Givenchy, and Fendi represented blossoming flowers with their red and pink looks. Continue on to see how designers are styling this season's hottest fashion color trends of 2023.

If you prefer darker, muted shades, then it can't get any more darker than black. But don't be fooled, this isn't the sad funeral black, think more Wednesday Addams' summer wardrobe. Amidst the ongoing (questionable) quiet luxury trend, fashion lovers are rejecting bold hues and opting for colors a bit more discreet. As one of the most versatile fashion color trends of 2023, there are endless ways to style black outfits, all whilst appearing effortlessly chic and fashion-forward.
~ Sunflower Yellow ~

Encapsulating a quintessential summer look, it should come as no surprise that buttery yellow is one of the fashion color trends of 2023. It's a softer, more delicate shade against the otherwise vibrant hues or stark neutrals, a summer alternative to the classic spring pastels.

~ Too Hot to Handle Red ~

Nothing says sexy summer than opting for a sultry red color. The bold hue makes any wardrobe piece an automatic standout, not to mention it falls in tandem with the currently popular Tomato Girl aesthetic. Take a page from Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, and show off your love for red with a sizzling hot monochromatic look.

~ Fifty Shades of Pink ~

This summer is undoubtedly the season of pink. From the popular Barbiecore aesthetic (thanks to the upcoming Barbie movie) to the ongoing balletcore trend, one of summer's hottest fashion color trends of 2023 is pink, pink, and more pink. Brands such as Valentino and Versace sported the color on the runway, among many more labels that incorporated pink in their collections, across the entire shade range.


When you think of fall, what colors come to mind? The season is often associated with the hues of its changing leaves. Bright green leaves turn as the temperature starts dropping, and becoming a rouge crimson, yellow, or look as though they were burnt to an orange crisp. Some leaves even turn a royal plum. All of these shades remain seasonal staples year after year, but autumn’s color story is expanding.

For fall 2023, there’s an emphasis on complementary hues that can either stand on their own, as well as some rich pops of color that provide a moody contrast. We asked four stylists and fashion experts to break down the specific hues they anticipate will be everywhere this upcoming fall, so you can get ahead of the trends.

With a huge variety of colours taking centre stage, you’ll have no problem slotting one of the hottest hues into your autumn/winter wardrobe. If you’re wondering what colour suits me, start working out whether you have a warm or cold skin tone, as in reality, we can all wear any colour, it’s just about finding the right shade.

Meet your colour match with our round-up of the most stylish shades to add some new season freshness to your wardrobe.