Drive Sales with Personalized Clothing Suggestions, Seamlessly Integrate AI Stylist to Prevent Abandoned Carts and Reduce Churn.
Elevate Your Sales with AI-Powered Fashion Stylist Plugin
How the app works from the customer's side
Сustomer explores the captivating product page
As the customer explores the captivating product page on your e-commerce platform, he will be greeted by our AI-Stylist's instant chat message as a pop up window.
Hey, you're interested in the JAN 'N JUNE blazer. Nice choice. Let's see how it blends with your current wardrobe.
Ask stylist
Choose the suitable style
Customers select the perfect style for any occasion or event – be it work, evening affairs, dates, birthdays, or casual get-togethers with friends.
Choose the style...
Upload 10 items from the wardrobe
Upload items you own and we will do the magic
AI-stylist powered advice
Receives AI-stylist powered advice on how to combine, or get rid of it, or complement with other second-hand or new clothes from the platform effectively.
Here are some outfits based on what is in your wardrobe
Looks great! I want to buy something like this!
Get recommendations to buy
Get recommendations on where and what to purchase to complete the desired look. This is where your product appears
Here are some more good staff that will perfectly complement your outfit
Discover the advantages that come with partnering with us
You don't have to spend extra money
to display your product to customers at the right time. Customers choose your product because our AI-powered stylist presents it as the most suitable option. 
Stay ahead of the competition with AI-powered sales assistants.
The app users are ready to buy your goods, because our AI-stylist makes recommendations tailored to their custom parameters. So, be easily accessible with the Dress2save app.
You don’t need to hire anyone to implement the app.
Setting up is easy so anyone from your side might connect your marketplace with the Dress2save app in a few clicks.
Get access to the new audience without any extra expenses.
Our app is made for people who share eco-conscious values. They don’t want to overcrowd their wardrobe, so they prefer to use the help of an AI-stylist to get access to sustainable brands faster.
Anticipate the upcoming changes.
Marketplaces and online shops should meet the new government's laws and rules regarding sustainable approach. The Dress2Save app ensures your business with this option.
Setting up the Dress2save app is easy as 1,2,3
Create an account in the Dress2Save platform.
So you gain entry to a thriving Fashion Community of Responsible, Style-Conscious Shoppers and precious Wardrobe Insights for your Customers’ Renewal and those who value Eco-friendly approach in their life
Extend Your Store Functionality and Manage Product Listings.
By integrating the plug-in tool for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, or Salesforce, you can seamlessly optimize your goods catalog management. Bid farewell to the monotonous chore of repeatedly inputting and updating your catalog, as this tool takes care of it for you. Moreover, any modifications made in your CRM will automatically synchronize with the Dress2Save tool, ensuring smooth and efficient data flow.
Configure the Parameters to Ensure they are Accessible to Potential Customers.
Enable the perfect match between your items and customers’ wardrobe. By equipping the AI stylist with a greater range of parameters, your goods will be swiftly purchased by the most suitable individuals.
Check your CRM analytics and See How Your Revenue Grows!
Your data security is our priority, and we respect your privacy. We solely require connectivity to the list of available goods for sale, without any need for access to your analytics.
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