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Discover Personalized, Sustainable Shopping Experience and Innovative Wardrobe Blending with Secure On-Premise Machine Learning for Your Data Privacy.
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Elevate Fashion Businesses and Solve Wardrobe Woes with Eco-Friendly Outfits Crafted by AI-Powered Stylist
AI stylist plugin e-commerce chat based on User profile:
Empower your clients to receive personalized shopping advice up-to-the-minute tailored to his style, preferences, his own items and body securing personal data privacy and budget efficiency.
This profile includes information such as their age, gender, body type, preferred clothing styles (e.g., casual, formal, sporty), and favorite colors.
Say goodbye to wardrobe dilemmas "Nothing to wear" and hello to effortless, fashion-forward choices. Explore the "Virtual Closet" functionality: Users can either upload pictures of their apparel or manually input their clothing items into the AI stylist app's virtual closet
Current Wardrobe optimization
Occasion based look
Our AI Stylist takes the guesswork out of dressing for any event. With its advanced algorithms, it effortlessly combines elements from your wardrobe to create the ideal outfit tailored to the specific occasion. Whether it's a casual day out or a formal gathering, our AI Stylist ensures you always look your best by seamlessly mixing occasion-appropriate looks.
Personalized Shopping & Virtual Try-On
For shopping enthusiasts, the AI stylist crafts personalized shopping lists, accounting for style preferences, budget, and the season. Machine learning refines suggestions by considering user feedback, chosen outfits, body details, and fashion trends. Users can virtually try on outfits by uploading full-body photos for a seamless style match.
Displays professionalism by generating visitor profiles that include details like height, weight, skin type, etc

Engages with your website visitors, assisting them in their decision-making process to facilitate a purchase.

Gives personal advice based on figure, skin, tastes and occasions, providing an opportunity to match with their current wardrobe items .

Courteous and accurate:
Provides access to powerful data analytics for up to 300K SKU+

24/7 Available:
Works tirelessly, offering support around the clock, even when others are offline.

Efficiently Handles Workload Changes, No Hiring or Training Required.

Save the budget and increase revenue!
“Soft skills”:
“Hard skills”:
Our talented stylists train him, he won’t advise shit.

Smart fashionista:
Conducts an immediate scan across your website's entire inventory for up to 300k SKU
Optimizes resource allocation and minimizes overhead costs

Stays at the forefront of industry trends empowered by AI

Quickly Adaptable:
Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflows
Imagine hiring another valuable member to your team.
but virtual