Key Insights from WebSummit Impact Startup 2023. Dress2Save #Showcase and Demo Experience

Lisbon, 22.11.23 — Dress2Save, the AI-powered solution for fashion retailers, took part in 2023 WebSummit and attracted considerable attention in the Impact startup section.
Web Summit, one of the world's largest technology conferences, broke this year's attendance records: more than 70,000 visitors from 153 countries joined the dynamic space for knowledge exchange, fostering industry connections, and showcasing the latest trends, making it a pivotal event for those shaping and investing in the future of technology.

Despite how much buzz there was around the event before it took place, it wasn't clear until the end how it would go, so we decided to participate. And we were absolutely won over by the sincerity of Katherine Maher, the new Web Summit CEO, who reminded everyone that creators are innovators who openly share their opinions and dare to ask uncomfortable questions.
“Web Summit was and still is a place where unique minds gather and companies look for growth opportunities. I am glad this event took place, and it was especially great that the organizers were so sincere and honest with the participants during the Opening speech.

This event was especially important for Dress2Save. We’ve been featured as an impact startup and were admitted to the startup showcase where we are able to publicly share our values. Our solution solves the business issues and their customers in e-commerce, fostering conscious consumption and contributing to sustainability.

Therefore in its turn we try to inspire humanity to develop conscious consumption habits instead of supporting canceling cultures and boycotting brands. We focus on providing a win-win collaboration that will be good for brands, its consumers and the Earth.

Since any severe position may result in more problems for humans, like job losses. We believe there is no need to urge people to refuse purchases – we joined Web Summit to present a preventative measure.”

Co-Founder and COO Dress2Save
Dress2Save has had the honor of meeting and getting the personal attention of industry leaders among other 2,608 startups exhibited. We demonstrated that our project was born from the team's experience in e-commerce, product design, cutting-edge technology and security with the potential to become the recipe for fashion businesses’ sustainability.

Collaborating with Dress2Save offers several compelling benefits:

  • A first-hand expertise in sustainability practices and AI integration. Many people are interested in Sustainability and AI, but few know how to apply them. By partnering with Dress2Save, you gain access to cutting-edge technology while aligning with environmentally conscious practices.
  • Practical application guidance for eco habits in business. Dress2Save understands the increasing interest in eco-consciousness but recognizes that many companies struggle with practical application and understanding how it can bring revenue. Through collaboration, we guide business leaders on effectively implementing eco-friendly habits and help their customers seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into their lifestyles.
  • Ready-made solutions for eco-friendly wardrobes. We offer a ready-made AI-driven solution that literally integrates your business with your customers' closets. This not only simplifies the process for end-users because they shop at familiar places but also enhances their ability to adopt sustainable habits effortlessly and receive personalized experince.

Collaborating with Dress2Save aligns your business with the global community’s growing interest in conscious consumption. It provides practical solutions for your customers, promoting the integration of eco-friendly habits into their daily lives.

Why should you work with us instead of using your IT department?

  • Implementing our ready-made solution will allow you to tap into specialized expertise without the overhead costs of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team.
  • Partnering with Dress2Save experts skilled in industry-specific areas can expedite development cycles, enabling you to bring innovative solutions to market faster and stay ahead of competitors by using the benefits of the dynamic startup landscape.
  • Given the ever-evolving business demands, outsourcing facilitates scalability, fostering innovative sustainable development practices.

Renowned for its diverse range of speakers, cutting-edge tech exhibitions, and extensive networking opportunities, Web Summit allowed investors, e-commerce businesses, and fashion industry leaders to see the promise of our product. In this harmonious collaboration between Dress2Save and businesses, customers not only benefit from personalized styling guidance and eco-conscious choices but also contribute to reducing fashion industry waste.

Together, we pave the way for mutual happiness – customers embracing sustainable fashion and businesses cultivating customer loyalty through environmental responsibility. Let's embark on this journey towards a stylish and sustainable future together; collaborate with Dress2Save to redefine fashion and foster a community committed to both personal style and planetary well-being.