85% of All Textiles Go to Dumps Each Year. Introducing Dress2Save, a Remedy For the Fashion Industry

Dress2Save, the AI-powered solution for fashion retailers, is excited to announce its presence in the e-commerce industry.
The fashion industry wants to grow by 60% by 2030, yet half of all clothes are never worn once. And this is not the only challenge the industry faces:
  • High rates of cart abandonment in online shopping impacting sales and revenue.
  • Increasing consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products, pressuring brands to adopt eco-conscious practices.
  • Ongoing supply chain issues affecting inventory management, including delays, shortages, and distribution problems.
  • Growing scrutiny of fast fashion's impact on the environment and ethical concerns.
  • The need to adapt to rapidly evolving e-commerce technologies and changing consumer behaviors.
We believe that the efforts of environmentalists, activists, fashion enthusiasts, and many others involved in creating a zero-waste environment are not in vain. That's why we have created a solution at the intersection of high technology, sustainability, and a unique revenue source.

Dress2Save is an AI-based stylist plugin that can be easily integrated with e-commerce platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, and custom e-shops.

Dress2Save plugin drives sales by:
  • Saving time by easily embedding to websites and retail platforms
  • Creating the ultimate customer experience with 'Virtual Try-On'
  • Improving forecasting for better warehouse management
  • Analyzing behavioral patterns, and increasing the likelihood of a purchase
As E-commerce sales worldwide are expected to reach an impressive 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026, brands must discover outstanding ways to meet consumer preferences. For businesses, Dress2Save will become a powerful channel for retaining loyal customers who share the values of sustainable fashion and those who shift their minds towards green initiatives. Moreover, the solution concept aligns with the preferences of over 59% of consumers who rate AI-based customer support at least 8 out of 10.

Here are the solution’s key features:
  • Dress2Save's plugin elevates customer interaction through hyper-personalization features.
  • Customers enjoy the guidance of a personalized stylist, which suggests tailored recommendations during their shopping journey.
  • The AI-driven stylist blends existing wardrobe pieces with the latest online store trends, simplifying fashion-forward choices.

Dress2Save has been listed in the “Impact startup” category in WebSummit-2023 as the startup fostering sustainable solutions that drive positive change in the retail industry. Moreover, we has been selected for Startup Showcase at the event. Join us in Lisbon on November 13-16 to engage in lively discussions on AI in fashion, ethical considerations in consumption, and the future of innovation.

For more information on Dress2Save's commitment to conscious consumption and B2B capabilities for acquiring customers, please contact [email protected]

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